About us

    HESHAN MACHINERY CO.,LTD. specializes in the research and manufacture of food machinery. Since the establishment in 1998mwe’ve been working hard to revolutionize the automatic noodle production. With the cooperation of Simens, we had taken the lead in designing an fully-automatic operation system for the instant noodle production line, which leads the industry into new age.

    Competitive with high technology, HESHAN is developing very fat. Since 2004 we’ve invested up to US$8,500,000.00 in our new factory. Our factory has 160 employees, covers 286,000 sqf including two modern factory workshops covering 88,000 sqf and one modern office covering 9,850.00 sq. feet. We not only provide all kinds of high quality foods machinery under the supervision and management of ISO2000, but also provide thoughtful and considerate services including pre-sales, ongoing-sales service and after-sales services. We’ve gained our reputation with more and more appreciation from customers, and we’ve been looking forward to sharing more joy with our customers.    

   HESHAN provides the following conveyors, multihead weighers (fast, accurate and reliable industrial scales) and packaging machines:

1) Conveyor
Multi-flexing Plastic Conveyor
Mesh Conveyor
Roller Conveyor
Belt Conveyor
Heshan Conveyor
Conveyor belt
Automated conveyor systems
Conveyor systems
Conveyor chain
Conveyor rollers
Conveyor oven
Conveyor components
Hytrol and Flexlink compatible conveyors
2) Multi-Heads Weigher
Automatic Multi-heads Weigher
Standard Multi-Heads Weigher Double Doors
High Speed Multi-Heads Weigher
Stand-Up Multi-Heads Weigher
Waterproof Weigher
High-Precision Compact Weigher
3-Layer Memorized Hopper Weigher
Double Chutes High Speed Weigher
Mixed Multihead Weigher
Strips Weigher
Noodle Weigher
Spring-less Hopper Weigher
Food Weigher
3) Packaging Machine
Horizontal Packing Machine
Vertical Packing 
Automatic Packaging Machine
Stick Noodle Packaging Machine
Spaghetti Packaging Machine
Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine
Skin packaging machine
Servo Control Packaging Machine
Wrapping machine