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We are HESHAN MACHINERY CO.,LTD., Chinese manufacturer providing fried and non-fried instant noodle production lines, breakfast cereal cornflakes lines, and the weighing and packaging conveyor system. We do turnkey projects, upgrading projects and we supply replacement parts and individual units for your existing food processing plants. We are specializes in the research and manufacture of instant noodle production lines, fried snack chin chin production lines and cornflakes production lines. The conveyor system is the essential part of the complete sets of the production lines. Therefore, we have been working to revolutionize the automatic noodle production and to extend our product lines to include the conveyor system, the weighing system and automatic packing machines since the 1990's. Now we are one of the important Chinese conveyor manufacturer. Many of our high-quality economic conveyor (very inexpensive but never cheap in quality) are compatible to Hytrol conveyors. HESHAN provides the following rolling conveyors, belt conveyors, and flexible conveyors (compatible to Hytrol Conveyors and Flexlink Conveyors), multi-head weighers (fast, accurate and reliable industrial scales) and packaging machines.

HESHAN Instant Noodle Production Lines

HESHAN MACHINERY CO. LTD., specializes in the research and manufacture of noodle machinery. Our product lines include the instant noodle machine, the fried snack chin chin machine, the instant noodle production line, the fried and hot-air-dried noodle lines, the vermicelli machine, the noodle making machine, the egg noodle maker, the stick noodles line and the ramen machine and more.

HESHAN Corn Flakes Cereal Machines

The corn flakes cereal making machine was invented by Will Keith Kellogg, an American Doctor of Medicine in Michigan, USA. at the end of 19th century when he was searching a kind of basic food of hygiene vegetarian for fast recovery in patients. With years of researching and studying the corn flakes cereal making machine technology abroad and invested millions in the R&D of the production technology of the corn flakes cereal making machine, HESHAN Machinery Co., Ltd., one of the leading providers of corn flakes cereal making machine, has successfully developed the high speed double rolling corn flakes cereal making machine and a serial of Corn Flakes Cereal Making Machines that are compatible to the cereal making machine used by the major cereal producers; after we produced a high speed twin-screw extruder of which the capacity is as high as 1000 kg/h.

HESHAN the Chinese Conveyor Manufacturer

The Conveyor System for the Instant Noodle Production

The conveyor system is critical for the automatic instant noodle production line. There are multiple stages during the process and different conveyors are required to transfer the material in the production line:
1. Transfer the flour in bags from storage to the noodle workshop
- We recommend using roller conveyer to move the flour in bags to the workshop to make instant noodles. Alternatively, forklifts can also be used.
2. Transfer the flour on the ground level to the mixer
- Screw conveyor is appropriate to transfer the flour to the mixer
- The screw shaft and hanging bearings, head, tail shaft connection are embedded tongue, which means the installation and demolition can be done without axial movement resulting easy maintenance.
- With variable-diameter structure, the volume of the hanging bearing is increase to avoid hanging bearing and material contact hence prolonging the lifespan of the bearing.
3. The mesh conveyor as an integrated part the noodle steamer
4. Noodle case conveyor which is an integrated part the noodle deep fryer
5. Noodle case conveyor which is an integrated part the noodle cooling chamber
6. Noodle packaging conveyor system - consists of basically belt conveyors
7. Roller conveyor system for the transportation of carton boxes packed with cup-noodles and bag-noodles

.HESHAN Head Office

Get the right conveyors

There many things to consider when you are making the decision to purchase a conveyor system for your business.
1. Make it simple - you want your drying conveyor, weighing conveyor, or your packing conveyor system just work and do not want unnecessary complicity. And we are not trying to sell the things you do not need.
2. Be ware of that the material of the conveyor is decided by the stuff you want to handle. For example, if you are in the food industrial and your food stuff has direct contact with the surface of the conveyor belts you need to use the food grade belts.
3. Safety is the most important. Make sure your conveyor meets the safety regulations in the location of your installations. We are working to give you the guaranty in this aspect.

Chinese Conveyor Trading Service in Iran

Local product consultation, sale and transaction advisory service are available for our Iranian customers. For better communication with customers, Heshan Machinery Co hires local people as our branch manager to promote our conveyors: Hytrol-conveyor-compatible conveyors and Flexlink-conveyor-compatible conveyors, fast, accurate and reliable industrial multihead weighers and fully automatic packaging machines. For solving the problem of international transaction difficulty, Heshan had opened an EURO and cross-border RMB account in Kunlun Bank in order to legally receive payments from Iranian customers with low service fee, fast and convenience transaction service. Payment methods available in both T/T or L/C.

We Provide Low Price Quality Conveyors

We are happy to provide quality the Heshan Conveyor at highly competitive price. All our conveyors are inexpensive but they are never cheap in quality. Our conveyors, according to the mode of operations, can be divided into: rubber belt conveyors, screw conveyors, bucket elevators, roller conveyor, metering conveyors, plate chain conveyors, belt conveyors and chain conveyors. All our conveyors are functionally compatible to those big names such as Hytrol conveyors and Flexlink conveyors with equal material and workmanship. High-Quality Economic Conveyors are Inexpensive Conveyors, not Cheep Conveyor Device.

Heshan Conveyor - Quality Alternative to Hytrol Conveyors and Flexlink Conveyors

If you are user of Hytrol conveyors, Flexlink conveyors, Flexlink Conveyors or any other standard conveyors, and if you want to use Heshan Conveyors as an alternative to update your conveyor system, we are happy to meet your needs.

Your Most Appropriate Heshan Conveyor

There are many types of conveyors, eg. Flexible Conveyor, Wire Mesh Conveyor, Roller Conveyor and Belt Conveyor etc. How to choose the right conveyor has become a concern for buyers. Even if you are an experienced user of other conveyors, for example, Hytrol Conveyors and Flexlink Conveyors, and are considering expending or upgrading your system using our conveyors, there are still many aspects to be discussed. The Heshan's specialists are always ready to answer your questions. Heshan transport division has done many years of research on this, developed a serial of conveyors that are very inexpensive while they are not cheap conveyors in quality. We summarized as following for your reference.

Flexible conveyor system

The Heshan flexible conveyor consists of a metal conveyor beam and a plastic multi-flexing chain. This Chinese conveyor system is compatible to standard flexible conveyors such as FlexLink Conveyor and is widely used as food conveyor, particularly the noodle conveyor and cereal.

Heshan Roller Conveyor: Rolling Conveyor System

The roller conveyor (Rolling Conveyor System) operates via motor gearbox to activate the sprocket to steadily convey materials. The Heshan roller conveyor is compatible to standard rolling conveyors such as Hytrol conveyors.

Wire mesh conveyor system

The Heshan wire mesh conveyors are of two series: Modular plastic belt conveyors and metal wire mesh conveyors. Both of the Chinese conveyors manufactured by Heshan can be used to replace or update your existing standard wire mesh conveyors such as Hytrol conveyors - Hytrol mesh belt conveyors. The modular plastic belt conveyor.

Belt Conveyor System

The belt conveyor is continuity conveying device driven by friction driver. Our belt conveyor is a practical solution to update your existing conveyor system, e.g. Hytrol conveyors - Hytrol belt conveyors. It composed by frame.

Vertical Screw Conveyor

Advantage of vertical screw conveyor is: Simple structure, Small spatial location, Easy for airtight transportation, cost is lower.

High Speed Multi-Heads Weigher

Heshan multi-head weigher with the most efficient and accurate weight calculation by computer when compared to manual.

Horizontal Packing Series

Heshan horizontal packing series adopting double-drives automatic open-close vertical sealing device. PLC control.

Vertical Packing Series

Heshan vertical packing series equipped safely protection, comply with the firm’s safety management requirements. PLC system.

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